Mr. Shiozaki and Ms. Kajiura presented their research results at the 85th IPSJ national convention

At the 85th National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan held at the University of Electro-Communications on March 2-4, 2023, Mr. Shiozaki and Ms. Kajiura presented their graduation research results.

Mr. Shiozaki gave a presentation titled “Selection Methodology of Geographical SMR Protocol and Replica Placement for Optimal Response Time Based on Communication Patterns. In his presentation, he showed how to select protocols and replica deployment for a replication technique called Geographical State Machine Replication, which realizes services with resilience to large-scale disasters.

Ms. Kajiura presented “Evaluation of Classification Performance of Distributed Processing Framework for Machine Learning-based Network Intrusion Detection System,” in which she discussed the relationship between processing performance and classification accuracy of a distributed processing framework for machine learning-based network intrusion detection systems.

At the venue, they had a chance to give a live interview to Josyo Radio.

Junya Nakamura
Junya Nakamura
Associate Professor

Principal Investigator of this laboratory.