Mr. Shiozaki and Ms. Kajiura gave their graduation research presentaions

On December 22, 2022, the graduation research presentation of Department of Computer Science and Engineering was held. Mr. Shiozaki and Ms. Kajiura from the distributed systems laboratory gave presentations on the following themes.

  • Mr. Shiozaki: Selecting a Latency-optimal Geographical SMR Protocol and a Replica Placement based on Message Pattern
  • Ms. Kajiura: Scalability evaluation of a distributed processing framework for machine learning-based NIDS

They presented the motivation and results of their research that they have workd on since April in 5 minutes. Ms. Kajiura’s presentation was highly evaluated, and she was awarded the Excellent Graduation Research Presentation Award.

Junya Nakamura
Junya Nakamura
Associate Professor

Principal Investigator of this laboratory.