Our new paper regarding gathering of mobile agents was accepted to PODC 2022

Our new paper was accepted to PODC 2022, one of the top conferences on distributed algorithms, as a brief announcement. This is the joint work with Mr. Jion Hirose and Prof. Michiko Inoue of Nara Institute of Science and Technology, and Prof. Fukuhito Ooshita of Fukui University of Technology. Mr. Jion Hirose is a graduate of Toyohashi University of Technology, and Nakamura has supervised a part of his research since he was an undergraduate.

Mobile agents are software that moves autonomously on a network and attract attention as a new design paradigm for distributed algorithms. The gathering problem is one of the fundamental problems of mobile agents, and the purpose is to gather all mobile agents at one node. Our paper proposes a new gathering algorithm that solves the problem efficiently in terms of time complexity and the number of agents. The algorithm tolerates weakly Byzantine failures. Please see here for the details of the paper.

Junya Nakamura
Junya Nakamura
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