The application was accepted to Naito Research Grant

The research application “Practicality Evaluation of a Distributed Processing Framework for a Machine learning-based Network Intrusion System” was accepted to the Naito Research Grant.

The Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) is used to protect servers and networks from the threat of cyber attacks over the Internet. However, the signature-based NIDS, which has been used widely, has the disadvantage of having a poor detection rate for unknown attacks. Therefore, many attempts have been made to improve NIDS by applying machine learning technology to NIDS so that unknown attacks can be detected. When introducing these technologies into the actual environment, it is necessary to consider the processing performance and stability in long-term operation, but these viewpoints have not been evaluated well. In this research project, we aim to solve this problem by evaluating the practicality of a machine learning-based NIDS from various aspects.

Junya Nakamura
Junya Nakamura
Associate Professor

Principal Investigator of this laboratory.